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Guru ki Ninda Sunne Na Kaan

Guru ki Ninda Sunne Na Kaan
January 9th, 2010 J Singh
Amritsar, Punjab: So called preacher Ragi Darshan Singh is guilty of using derogatory words for character assassination of Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji who is giver of amrit and sacrificed his entire family so that Sikhs could live. He has used such words as Guru Sahib going to a prostitute—-, prostitute shouting thief, thief—- the Guru Ji fleeing leaving shoes behind—- etc. This is very insulting language for Guru Sahib and those who have love for guru sahib can’t even hear such words.
When sangat was enraged hearing such blasphemous words Akal Takhat Sahib asked ragi to appear for clarification. He very cleverly tried to mislead Sikhs since such story is written in Dasam Granth he is trying to awaken sangat not to let Dasam Granth be in parkash alongside Sri Guru Granth. Ragi Darshan Singh ji sangat is asking clarification from you with what face you are talking of removing parkash of Dasam granth. This parkash was being done when you were jathedar of Akal Takhat. What did you do about this during your tenure?
Gurbani says ” Bhare bhuine akirtghan, mandi hu mande— which implies that earth also do not support thankless creatures. But you have crossed the limit of shamelessness. Saint soldier guru Gobind Singh ji after sacrificing his mother, father and children thanked Akal Purakh while bare footed in wintery nights of December in thick forests with brick as his pillow. To say such words for such a guru is height of shamelessness.
You had earned goodwill and respect of sangat by eulogizing Guru Gobind Singh ji, now you have shown your colors by slandering him. Ragi ji, cat has come out of bag now.
Blue eyed boy of Delhi Gurudwara committee Jagtar Singh Jachak has also used similar word soft composition of Guru sahib ” Mittar pyare Nu hal muridan da kehna”. While commenting sarcastically about this shabad he said that now sangat will listen to this on so and so channel for four days. Like you he has also crossed all limits of shamelessness. Guru Ji after sacrificing everything for panth had written this shabad in winter days of December in forest of machhiwra. Persons like him are making fun of this shabad as a song. This is height of shamelessness. Sangat knows that this is being done at the instance of a congress agent and guru sahib is being insulted on purpose of hidden forces and some agencies.
Ragi ji, you had a golden chance to ask forgiveness by appearing at Akal Takhat as a humble Sikh. But you have chosen a path of confrontation by showing your ego. You are becoming now a victim of rage among Sikhs.
Till today all Sikhs have appeared at Akal Takhat as humble persons including Maharaja Ranjit Singh. You still have time to come to your senses.
Source: Avtar Singh Makkar, SGPC

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