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Grief and anger mark funeral of murdered Punjabi graduate

Grief and anger mark funeral
of murdered Punjabi graduate
January 11th, 2010 A Kaur
Jagraon, Punjab: Scenes of grief mixed with anger at the funeral of Nitin Garg at his home in Jagraon, in the northern Indian state of Punjab, yesterday as more than 600 people came to pay their respects. Women, including the bereaved mother, wept and wailed loudly. Male relatives and family friends tried to console them while also trying to maintain order as the mourners pushed to touch his coffin.
Later, the huge procession moved about a kilometre to the cremation grounds where Sikh priests performed the last rites.
Mr Garg’s stabbing murder in West Footscray nine days ago sparked an outcry in Punjab, further fuelling debate over the plight of Punjabi students in Australia.
Mourners had started arriving during Saturday night at the Garg family home after his body had been brought from Delhi airport.
Anger and incredulity were the dominant emotions at the funeral, much of it directed toward the Indian Government for making the painful task of collecting Mr Garg’s body even worse than it needed to be.
”There was so much ridiculous red tape that it took them seven hours to release his body. The airport officials were hostile and didn’t care. If our own Indian Government doesn’t care about boys like Nitin, how can we expect the Australians to care?” said the dead man’s uncle, Avtar Singh.

Grieving relatives at Jagraon on Sunday.
Two federal ministers who attended the funeral were faced with angry mourners who demanded to know what the Government was doing to protect Punjabis in Australia.
All eyes were moist and people expressed their disgust for Australia.
“We had stopped him a number of times during his two-month visit in November. He came back to get his house renovated before finalising the marriage of his elder brother, Hanish,” Mohinder Kaur, a neighbour, stated. “When he was leaving, I offered him curd for good luck and safe journey,” she added crying.
Those present at the cremation ground were murmuring that they would never send their children to Australia. “Punjabis go to other countries also, but they are never subjected to this kind of treatment. We don’t know what is wrong with Australia,” Suman Rani, a resident, said.
People whose children were settled in Australia were also scared now and were having sleepless nights. Some of them had even asked their children to return.
“This tragedy has left us shattered. A young death is always tragic and leaves a scar. But if somebody’s son dies overseas and the body is brought home, it leaves the family half dead,” Mohinder Kaur said.
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One Response to “Grief and anger mark funeral of murdered Punjabi graduate”
Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri says:
January 11, 2010 at 9:30 am
The unfortunate death of Nitin Garg is realy very very shocked.It is a very big tragedy.His parents and he himself had lot of ambitions, when Nitin has gone to Australya for studies.Going abroad for better life is a global phenomena.But we punjabies are very much interested in going to foriegn lands. I have gone to UK three times, USA two times and once in CANADA in the last six years on my personal visits. I haveseen the life of immigrants on ground level. There is lots of d iffirence in the life told by AGENTS OF ALL TYPES and many of immigrants. They tell many lies about those countries, although there is RULE OF LAW, QUALITY OF LIFE, PURITY IN FOOD and cleanliness. The people are peace loving, But their requirments of immigrants,visitors and students from other countries are sincerness, good manners and good habits, which many of Punjabies lack. The second thing is there is no money surplus on roads or streets, to which countries we go and which we sweep in few months or years, 90 percent our people has only both ends meet. The third reason is that due to recession starting from 2007 and it will go at least for two to three years, there are no works, when the unemployment rate in developed is so high and no jobs to permant residents or citizens of those countries. Any one interested to go in those countries for studies, he must have all the expenditure in his pocket for full term of studies and he/she must get some basic knowledge about living in those countries. I advise parents who are in this rat race sending their immatuare daughters to distant lands for studies, please they think hundered times before taking the final decision. I am not demorlising any body, i am telling 100 percent truth, overall i am also a father of one daughter and one son.Thanks.

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