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Nanakshahi Calendar: Was it Made To Unite or Divide Sikhs

Nanakshahi Calendar:
Was it Made To Unite
or Divide Sikhs

Some people have created a stormy situation among Sikhs because of Nanakshahi Calender. Calender is an important landmark of a community that highlights important religious days, festivals, historical happenings and traditional heritage .But a calender in which dates do not match historical occasions will turn history into mythology. That was what present Nanakshahi calender was doing.
This is particularly applicable to Sikhs who rightfully claim to have historical proofs of events in comparison to other religions.
The fact is that makers of this calender have distorted and misrepresented Gurbani, Sikh history and principles. Displaying ego and stubbornness they have created deep divisions among Sikhs.
We want to know while launching the calender in 2003 why Sikh scriptures and historical sources of 400 years were ignored.
Bhai Gurdas ji writes ” Gurbani tina Gursikhan bhaiye bhagat Gurupurab karande”. it proves that Sikh sangat had been celebrating days connected with their Guru sahibans since Guru period . In light of this who gave authority to these persons to change the dates of Gurupurabs of Guru sahibans. By altering the real dates with self created dates they distorted Sikh history.
Can these academics tell us about dates incorporated by them and from which historical scriptures these have been taken. We are sad to state that because of this faulty calender ardas of three to four Gurupurabs were being done from Harmandir sahib on the same day.Can these historians tell us if this really happened in Sikh history earlier.The fact is that four academics associated with this calender namely Dr Kirpal singh, Dr Balwant Singh, Dr Kharak Singh and Surjit Singh Gandhi wrote a book for SGPC ” History of the Sikhs and their religion”.In that book they themselves wrote dates that match with history and do not appear in their calender, That shows that they want to malign Sikh history by making a faulty calender.
The calender they made was neither based on Gurbani nor on principles of Sikhism. This was devoid of historical facts.
Those who are misleading Sikh sangat in name of Bikrami will they label our beloved Gurus also as wrong since their writings are written with reference to Bikrami samvat. Some examples are Given below:
Guru Nanak sahib writes in SGGS ji ” Awan athatre jaan satanve hor bhi uthsi marad ka chela” Will they diown this reference from SGGS as it is in bikrami samvat.
Barah Mahan is with reference to Bikrami samvat. Shall we discard that?
Shall we discard such writings from gurbani?
From sixth master to tenth master and after that Mata Sunder Kaur ji and Mata Sahib Kaur ji have sent Hukamnamas to their sangat in Bikrami Samvat. Shall we disown those now?
On doors of Sachkhand Harmandir sahib, Goindwal sahib the dates are in Bikrami samvat. Do they want us to remove those?
We have some surprising facts about this calender. In actuality Nanakshahi calender was based on Hindu calender that was known as Saka calender. Saka calender was old Hindu religious calender. This was modified by Govt of India in 1959 and adopted as Indian civil calender. Nanakshahi Calender is carbon copy of that calender.This has been confirmed by its makers in preface of Nanakshahi calender. Pal Singh Purewal has written this in his book “Jantri 500 years”. Sikh sangat should decide if Purewal is making a Hindu calender or some one else?
On the contrary , Bikrami Samvat calender was of Iranian origin and adapted by militant tribes of Punjab who made their mark in world history by putting a strong resistance against Alexander the great. They adopted it in 57 BC. This was known as Malva calender. History states that its name was changed to Bikrami calender in 858 AD. History also states that Raja Bikramidittaya was a mythological figure only. Bikrami calender is followed both Indian and Pakistan Punjabs.
In any religious calender world over there are no other festival and days but of that community. But this is not the case of Nanakshahi calender. Days associated with other communities are included in Purewal’s calender. 27 per cent dates in Nanakshahi calender have nothing to do with Sikh religious observations. Akal takhat jathedar sahib, SGPC president are thanked for correcting the mess created by these people.

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Grief and anger mark funeral of murdered Punjabi graduate

Grief and anger mark funeral
of murdered Punjabi graduate
January 11th, 2010 A Kaur
Jagraon, Punjab: Scenes of grief mixed with anger at the funeral of Nitin Garg at his home in Jagraon, in the northern Indian state of Punjab, yesterday as more than 600 people came to pay their respects. Women, including the bereaved mother, wept and wailed loudly. Male relatives and family friends tried to console them while also trying to maintain order as the mourners pushed to touch his coffin.
Later, the huge procession moved about a kilometre to the cremation grounds where Sikh priests performed the last rites.
Mr Garg’s stabbing murder in West Footscray nine days ago sparked an outcry in Punjab, further fuelling debate over the plight of Punjabi students in Australia.
Mourners had started arriving during Saturday night at the Garg family home after his body had been brought from Delhi airport.
Anger and incredulity were the dominant emotions at the funeral, much of it directed toward the Indian Government for making the painful task of collecting Mr Garg’s body even worse than it needed to be.
”There was so much ridiculous red tape that it took them seven hours to release his body. The airport officials were hostile and didn’t care. If our own Indian Government doesn’t care about boys like Nitin, how can we expect the Australians to care?” said the dead man’s uncle, Avtar Singh.

Grieving relatives at Jagraon on Sunday.
Two federal ministers who attended the funeral were faced with angry mourners who demanded to know what the Government was doing to protect Punjabis in Australia.
All eyes were moist and people expressed their disgust for Australia.
“We had stopped him a number of times during his two-month visit in November. He came back to get his house renovated before finalising the marriage of his elder brother, Hanish,” Mohinder Kaur, a neighbour, stated. “When he was leaving, I offered him curd for good luck and safe journey,” she added crying.
Those present at the cremation ground were murmuring that they would never send their children to Australia. “Punjabis go to other countries also, but they are never subjected to this kind of treatment. We don’t know what is wrong with Australia,” Suman Rani, a resident, said.
People whose children were settled in Australia were also scared now and were having sleepless nights. Some of them had even asked their children to return.
“This tragedy has left us shattered. A young death is always tragic and leaves a scar. But if somebody’s son dies overseas and the body is brought home, it leaves the family half dead,” Mohinder Kaur said.
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One Response to “Grief and anger mark funeral of murdered Punjabi graduate”
Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri says:
January 11, 2010 at 9:30 am
The unfortunate death of Nitin Garg is realy very very shocked.It is a very big tragedy.His parents and he himself had lot of ambitions, when Nitin has gone to Australya for studies.Going abroad for better life is a global phenomena.But we punjabies are very much interested in going to foriegn lands. I have gone to UK three times, USA two times and once in CANADA in the last six years on my personal visits. I haveseen the life of immigrants on ground level. There is lots of d iffirence in the life told by AGENTS OF ALL TYPES and many of immigrants. They tell many lies about those countries, although there is RULE OF LAW, QUALITY OF LIFE, PURITY IN FOOD and cleanliness. The people are peace loving, But their requirments of immigrants,visitors and students from other countries are sincerness, good manners and good habits, which many of Punjabies lack. The second thing is there is no money surplus on roads or streets, to which countries we go and which we sweep in few months or years, 90 percent our people has only both ends meet. The third reason is that due to recession starting from 2007 and it will go at least for two to three years, there are no works, when the unemployment rate in developed is so high and no jobs to permant residents or citizens of those countries. Any one interested to go in those countries for studies, he must have all the expenditure in his pocket for full term of studies and he/she must get some basic knowledge about living in those countries. I advise parents who are in this rat race sending their immatuare daughters to distant lands for studies, please they think hundered times before taking the final decision. I am not demorlising any body, i am telling 100 percent truth, overall i am also a father of one daughter and one son.Thanks.

Saturday, 9 January, 2010

Guru ki Ninda Sunne Na Kaan

Guru ki Ninda Sunne Na Kaan
January 9th, 2010 J Singh
Amritsar, Punjab: So called preacher Ragi Darshan Singh is guilty of using derogatory words for character assassination of Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji who is giver of amrit and sacrificed his entire family so that Sikhs could live. He has used such words as Guru Sahib going to a prostitute—-, prostitute shouting thief, thief—- the Guru Ji fleeing leaving shoes behind—- etc. This is very insulting language for Guru Sahib and those who have love for guru sahib can’t even hear such words.
When sangat was enraged hearing such blasphemous words Akal Takhat Sahib asked ragi to appear for clarification. He very cleverly tried to mislead Sikhs since such story is written in Dasam Granth he is trying to awaken sangat not to let Dasam Granth be in parkash alongside Sri Guru Granth. Ragi Darshan Singh ji sangat is asking clarification from you with what face you are talking of removing parkash of Dasam granth. This parkash was being done when you were jathedar of Akal Takhat. What did you do about this during your tenure?
Gurbani says ” Bhare bhuine akirtghan, mandi hu mande— which implies that earth also do not support thankless creatures. But you have crossed the limit of shamelessness. Saint soldier guru Gobind Singh ji after sacrificing his mother, father and children thanked Akal Purakh while bare footed in wintery nights of December in thick forests with brick as his pillow. To say such words for such a guru is height of shamelessness.
You had earned goodwill and respect of sangat by eulogizing Guru Gobind Singh ji, now you have shown your colors by slandering him. Ragi ji, cat has come out of bag now.
Blue eyed boy of Delhi Gurudwara committee Jagtar Singh Jachak has also used similar word soft composition of Guru sahib ” Mittar pyare Nu hal muridan da kehna”. While commenting sarcastically about this shabad he said that now sangat will listen to this on so and so channel for four days. Like you he has also crossed all limits of shamelessness. Guru Ji after sacrificing everything for panth had written this shabad in winter days of December in forest of machhiwra. Persons like him are making fun of this shabad as a song. This is height of shamelessness. Sangat knows that this is being done at the instance of a congress agent and guru sahib is being insulted on purpose of hidden forces and some agencies.
Ragi ji, you had a golden chance to ask forgiveness by appearing at Akal Takhat as a humble Sikh. But you have chosen a path of confrontation by showing your ego. You are becoming now a victim of rage among Sikhs.
Till today all Sikhs have appeared at Akal Takhat as humble persons including Maharaja Ranjit Singh. You still have time to come to your senses.
Source: Avtar Singh Makkar, SGPC

Wednesday, 6 January, 2010

Changes Sealed: Sikh Panth to have a new NanakShahi calendar

Changes Sealed: Sikh Panth to have
a new NanakShahi calendar
The Sikh Clergy today yesterday approved amendments to the Nanakshahi calendar followed by the Sikh community. Occasions like prakash and jyoti jyot purabs of Sikh gurus will be observed in line with the traditional Bikrami calendar followed before 2003.
The Nanakshahi calendar with amendments will come into force from March 14 this year. Surprisingly, the announcement was made by Giani Gurbachan Singh in absence of high priests of the other four Takhts. To complete the quorum four priests of the Golden Temple were included by the jathedar.
Justifying the step, he said there was no need of the other high priests of Takhts for making this announcement from the Akal Takht office. The jathedar of Akal Takht claimed that the amendments had been made on the recommendations of a two-member team comprising SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar and chief of Gurmat Sidhant Parcharak Sant Samaj Harnam Singh Khalsa on the suggestion of an 11-member committee.
Meanwhile, the Dal Khalsa and the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC), in separate press statements, took exception to the manner in which the jathedar ratified the decision of the SGPC to “dilute” the Nanakshahi calendar without calling a meet of all five jathedars.
DSGMC head Paramjit Singh said SGPC executive had no legal right to affect changes as the matter should have gone to the general house of the SGPC. Rejecting the changes, he also accused CM Parkash Singh Badal for acting on the directions of “certain saffron forces”. To retaliate this decision DSGMC even released 300000 copies of the existing Nanakshahi Calendar.

Monday, 4 January, 2010

Akal Takht gives final nod to amendments in Nanak Shahi Calendar

Akal Takht gives final nod
to amendments in Nanak Shahi Calendar

Monday, 04 January 2010

AMRITSAR: Jatehdar Akal Takht (highest Sikh Temporal seat) Gyani Gurbachan Singh here on Monday in a significant decision gave final nod to amendments made in the Nanak Shahi Calendar (a separate Sikh Calendar of Sikh Community).
On Sunday, amidst chaos Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee (SGPC) Executive members gave approval to bring amendments in Nanak Shahi Calendar at Teja Singh Samundri Hall (mini Sikh parliament).
Jatehdar said that now Sikh community would follow all the Sikh religious occasions including birth and death anniversaries of Sikh masters as per new amendments which were approved by Akal Takht. Now the Nanak Shahi Calendar with latest amendments would come in practice after two month in March, informed Jatehdar.
As per new amendments, some important days like the birth anniversary of tenth Sikh master Guru Gobind Singh, Gurta Gaddi Divas and Jyoti Jot Samaun Divas of Guru Gobind Singh would be observed as per the old traditional Bikrami calendar.
However, Jatehdar said that final nod to calendar was given on the basis of approval sanctioned by the high powered executive members of SGPC which was empowered to bring such amendments at any time for the larger interest of the Sikh community.
SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar said that as per new amendments, now in future all the religious occasion like birth and death anniversaries of Sikh Gurus (masters) would be as per the existing calendars which was being followed by the Sikh community before the formation of Nanak Shahi Calendar.
However, this original Nanak Shahi Calendar which was adopted by the General House meeting of SGPC in March 29, 2003 and brought in practice after a month in June.
Earlier, Pal Singh Purewal, a Canada based Sikh intellectual who crafted the 'Nanakshahi, calendar had requested Akal Takht Jathedar to consult him before making any change in it but in vain.
Purewal said that it was highly objectionable as any change in the calendar would reduce it to carbon copy of 'Bikrami Calendar'. He said that Nanakshahi calendar was based on religious, historical and scientific research of many years.

Sunday, 3 January, 2010

India urges Pak to take action against Gurudwara land sale : Preneet Kaur

India urges Pak to take action
against Gurudwara land sale : Preneet Kaur

Sunday, 03 January 2010
PATIALA: Union minister of state for external affairs Preneet Kaur on Saturday said that Indian government has conveyed its concerns to Pakistan on the sale of pieces of land attached to Gurdwaras and urged Islamabad to look into the matter and take appropriate remedial action.
In an informal chat with presspersons she said that the matter related to incidents of sale of some of the land attached to Gurdwaras in Pakistan has caused concerns in India as well as in Sikhs.
She said that the Indian government has conveyed the concerns in this regard to the Pakistani government and requested them it to look into the matter.
Notably, the Pakistan Evacuee Trust Property Board (PETPB) has reportedly sold around 855 canals of land worth hundreds of crores of rupees on a nominal price. This includes nearly 811 canals in Lahore.
The sale violates the Nehru-Liaqat pact signed by the two Prime Ministers in 1950 in New Delhi.
PETPB has reportedly sold 855 kanals belonging to Gurdwara Deh and Samadh Bhai Mann Singh in Lahore to the Defence Housing Authority of Pakistan, 25 acres belonging to Gurdwara Bebe Nanaki Ji at Dera Chehal village and 307 Kanals at Hadbast Mauja Mota Singh Wala distict in Pakistan. The matter of these lands was raised in Parliament a few days ago and External Affairs Minister SM Krishna had promised to take up the issue with Pakistan.
Earlier she inaugurated the newly constructed building at Patiala railway station. H.K. Jaggi, DRM, Northern railways, Ambala said on this occasion the newly constructed building was maintenance free with aesthetic look having provision of six counters & basic passenger amenities such as ATM, Touch Screen Enquiry system etc. without any alteration in the Heritage Structure of Station Building.
Railway has also future plans of development at this station such as landscaping and development of green patches in circulating area, Provision of Couch Guidance System, electronic train indicator boards etc, he added.
Others who were present on the occasion were RS Khatra, SSp Patiala, MP Singh, additional Principal secretary, Karan Singh, Sr. Divisional Manager, Northern railways, Ambala Cantt., Gurmel Singh personal secretary MoS.
District Congress leaders Prem Krishan Puri, K. K. Sharma etc. were also present

Saturday, 2 January, 2010

Akal Takht to decide future course of action today

Akal Takht to decide future
course of action today
J Singh
Amritsar, Punjab: The Sikh priests will meet at the Akal Takht tomorrow to discuss the controversial issue of the Nanakshahi calendar. The Sikh groups deliberated a course of action today in case the calendar is tampered with and opposed any proposed amendments being sought by the Sant Samaj, headed by Damdami Taksal chief Harnam Singh Khalsa.
They threatened to take the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) to the Gurdwara Commission for introducing arbitrary changes in the calendar.
US based Dr Pritpal Singh, DSGMC president Paramjit Singh Sarna, SAD (Panch Pardhani), Dal Khalsa, Khalsa Action Committee have been opposing any change in the calendar that has been adopted in 2003.
However, SGPC head Avatar Singh Makkar has been holding meetings with various Sikh bodies and jathedars, seeking the changes as per wishes of Khalsa.

Singh Sahib Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh
Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh, who will head the meeting of Sikh clergy tomorrow, said, “All the decisions will be taken by consensus.”
US-based Pal Singh Purewal, who prepared the Nanakshahi calendar wrote to the Akal Takht Jathedar against the tampering. In his letter, he said he was surprised that the Takht was ready to go ahead with the changes without even consulting him.

Pal Singh Purewal
“I have heard that major changes in sangrands (first day of the month) and masia (full moon) have been proposed. This will result in change in dates of gurpurabs and other events. It will completely change the calendar,” he wrote in the letter.
The eleven-member expert committee of the SGPC, headed by Professor Darshan Singh of the Punjabi University, also objected to the changes.
Harnam Singh Khalsa, however, said the changes were necessary as the dates of various gurpurabs were clashing in the Nanakshahi calendar.
Another issue to be discussed in the meeting tomorrow is the clarification submitted by ex-Ragi Darshan Singh before the Takht. He had been declared Tankhaiya (guilty of religious misconduct) earlier this month.

Friday, 1 January, 2010

Dal Khalsa questions motive behind changes in Nanakshahi calendar

Dal Khalsa questions motive
behind changes in Nanakshahi calendar

Punjab Newsline Network
Friday, 01 January 2010

HOSHIARPUR: The Dal Khalsa questions the rationale and motive behind the proposed changes in the Nanakshahi calendar by the SGPC and Sant Samaj.
In a statement party president H S Dhami rued that the SGPC was going to kill the letter and spirit of the Nanakshahi Calendar in its executive meet scheduled for Sunday.
“I believe that the present house of the SGPC has completed its five year tenure and being in extension mode it cannot take policy decisions”.
Describing the SGPC head as spineless person, he condemned the SGPC and the SAD leadership for pushing the Sikhs into a Brahmanical fold by mixing the Nanakshahi calendar with Bikrami calendar”.
Issuing stern warning to Jathedar Avtar Singh, the leader of the radical group said his name (SGPC chief) would be recorded as a "culprit" of the community in the contemporary Sikh history.
Recalling the blunders of the SGPC, he said this was not the first time that the SGPC was taking a U-turn. The All India Gurdwara Bill, Heritage status for Darbar Sahib and so on met the same fate, he rued.