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Sikhs question; Did the Chief Minister of Punjab do enough

Sikhs question; Did the Chief Minister of Punjab do enough
An innocent Sikh man has died in the recent disruption in Punjab
The Punjab government on Saturday evening ordered a magisterial probe into violent incidents in this industrial city that left one person dead and over 15 injured in a clash between police and Sikh protesters who tried to disrupt a religious conference of controversial sect leader Ashutosh .
One person was killed Saturday in police firing near Samrala crossing on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh highway. The victim was identified as Darshan Singh. At least two others were in serious condition, the Badal family has offered Rs 500,000 as compensation and an invitation for employment for the family.
Kanwarpal Singh Bittu of Dal Khalsa, told media that the police firing was unprovoked. "They suddenly opened fire as we were proceeding to the venue of the conference,"
But police blamed the protesters for indulging in violence.
"We tried to stop them but they attacked the police and tried to forcibly cross the barricades. They had come with full preparation and were carrying sticks and swords. To control the situation, police had to fire in the air to disperse the mob," a police officer said.
Sikhs claim that the Chief Minister of Punjab should have done more to clam the situation as he has the power to assess and command the police forces. This time Sikh say the responsibility is with Badal and not the government for the blood shed that has closed Ludihina in Punjab.
Ashutosh and other deras in Punjab are the part of plan of the Hindu fascists of converting Panjab to Hinduism and bringing it within the Hindutva fold of Hindi,Hindu,Hindustan. These deras are just a front for fascists for training new terrorists in all parts of Panjab.Ashutosh has been clear about his political stand, at his last function Hindutva was the main theme.
At his last meet DJJS said their is no such thing as Sikhism, that 'Hindu dhrama' has many branches and so called Sikhs just a part of the great 'Hindu samaj'.It was also mentioned that there are some people claiming that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation, they said "these are agents of Pakistan and the West".
“Dal Khalsa would like to clarify that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation. Hate for Muslims or any other faith is against the core principals of Sikhism.Hindutava is not a faith it is plain and simple fascism we as nation should stand against it and join all those in opposition of it” Kanwarpal Singh Bittu of Dal Khalsa said
The recent labor migrants that have come to Punjab are from the state of Bihar and often the people are called ‘Biharis of Bihas’ these people are hard working and have began to settle in the Punjab and supported Ashutosh
Many Sikhs have often voiced their concerns over this migration. As with all migrants it is only over time that these people settle learn the language and make their roots. The Bihair laborers too have started to buy land and take prominent positions in the community and politics
The fear for the Sikh now is Punjab being a Sikh state is on the hit list of Indian state, which is working with a plan to change the demography of the Punjab to the determent of the Sikhs. Bihari labourers are the most effecting tool of the Indian State system in this regard.
Where as the Government provide permanent residence to Biharis are in Punjab, the Sikhs of Punjab are being rooted up by forcible land accusations. Sikhs can not purchase lands in neighboring states as the laws framed by those States prevent ‘outsiders’ from purchase land there.
“The intentions of the Indian state are clear now. They want to uproot Sikhs from Punjab and in-root Biharis here.” said Bhai Harpal Singh Cheema, a Sikh leader. “It is strange that Bihar Government is demanding security for those who created panic in the city without any reason” said a local resident. “The situation was such that locals felt insecure” he added while explaining the situation created by Biharis in the industrial city of the state.
Sikh Federation has urged British Sikhs to write to their local MP’s the suggested text for the letter is
Dear [MPs Name]
Police and paramilitary forces open fire and kill Sikh protesters on Saturday 5 December in Ludhiana, Punjab
I am writing to request you urgently raise the above matter on my behalf with the Foreign Secretary and the Indian authorities. Sikhs living the UK are outraged when we see such incidents of police brutality and discrimination. It is incidents like these of deliberate provocation and targeting that force Sikhs to think about their long term future in India.
On Saturday 5 December 2009 police and paramilitary forces opened fire to stop Sikh protesters, belonging to Sikh religious organisations, marching towards a controversial anti-Sikh two-day event organised in Ludhiana by Dera Divya Jyoti of Ashutosh.
It has been confirmed at least one Sikh has been killed and around15 seriously injured. The photograph of Darshan Singh, the 58-year old that was shot dead, is shown below:

The death toll is expected to increase. Despite an indefinite curfew in the city there has been uproar across Punjab at the heavy handed action of the police and paramilitary forces. Upon seeing footage and photographs, such as those below, reports are coming in of thousands of Sikhs preparing to travel to Ludhiana to participate in further protests.

Sikh religious organisations have called for a peaceful ‘bandh’ (closure) in Ludhiana and cases to be registered against Ashutosh and BJP MLA Harish Bedi, who is also reported to have fired shots at Sikh protesters. Meanwhile the Punjab government recognising the seriousness of the situation has ordered a magisterial probe into the incident.
Sikhs are particularly upset as what has been interpreted as double standards and deliberate provocation of Sikhs. On Thursday and Friday following a minor incident there was widespread arson and violence by migrant workers in three-quarters of Ludhiana. This was permitted without any action taken by the police. However, the protest march by Sikh religious organisations on Saturday was met with the use of tear gas, batons and then live ammunition.
I urge you to take this matter up as my elected representative and copy me in any correspondence with the Foreign Secretary or the Indian authorities and there responses.
Yours faithfully

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