Saturday, 19 September, 2009


25th anniversary 1984:
Call of Duty for
Sikh Panth
( Its now or Never!)

Everyday we perform across gurdwaras worldwide by remembering our shaheeds (“Jina Singh Singhnia de Sis Dite”) to mark the greatness of sikhi and keep the spirit alive. But when it comes to present day scenario 1984 anti sikh riots is a big blot which sikhs have not been able to give a befitting reply to. One man (with Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s) stood against the wind.
(Bhai) Jarnail Singh (Journalist) put his life, job and everything at stake to get matter highlighted in the insensitive years of Indian Govt and tell the world about it. The (shoe hurling) and efforts of Panth thereafter resulted positive and guilty were denied election tickets.
Khalsa Ji, now (Bhai) Jarnail Singh (Journalist) is on his second mission to reveal the black days and true stories of 1984 anti sikh riots in delhi where over 3,000 sikhs were butchered in a single night. This is an effort to document history right and bring truth to us and our coming generations ahead and the rest of the world.
He has given and excellent speech and expressed his thoughts which can be found here:
Part 1:
Part 2:
The book will be published in English, Hindi and Punjabi. Hindi and English publishers are done. Punjabi books and its (printing, distribution) is the one he requires your help for. His contact is:
Phone: +91-9999220024Email: mhtml:%7BD6C86553-6682-4652-9690-E66B5E11C5F3%7Dmid://00000206/!x-usc:mailto:jarnailsingh16@gmail.comWeb Page: http://www.jarnailsingh.inPlease ask him how you can help. Its now or never!

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