Tuesday, 1 September, 2009

Bir Devinder Singh seeks to catch corrupt politicians before 'Big Fish'

Bir Devinder Singh seeks to catch corrupt politicians before 'Big Fish'
Punjab Newsline Network
CHANDIGARH: Former deputy speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha Bir Devinder Singh on Monday welcomed the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s catchphrase to the CBI to catch the big fishes. He said it was bold initiative but it is required to be accompanied by a swift action in that direction.
In a statement here he said that PM's vision should be translated in to reality by the Prime Minister himself. People by and large believe that corruption is now inbuilt in the system of governance and it has assumed cancerous dimensions in the body politic of the country. You cannot get rid of the monster of corruption until you clean the polity of its overriding influence. Evidentially there are very strong nexus of corruption that exists in the system and these nexus consists of politicians, bureaucrats and conmen who maintains liaison in-between all the corrupt links of the system.
Bir Davinder Singh who recently joined Shiromani Akal Dal after resigning from Congress opined that more corrupt you are more powerful you emerge in Politics. When the polity of the nation is infested with the commercial pursuits of the vested interests than you cannot dream to eradicate corruption out of the system. It is the political corruption that breeds the epidemic of corruption which is eating up the vital organs of our social order.
He siad that if corruption is not eradicated out of the system it would make the ndian democracy meaningless for its people. People had already begun to think that the sixty years experience with democracy has exposed the emptiness of our democracy for the common man. Is it not a matter of shame that a Swiss Bank revealed that India has more black money deposited in Swiss Bank than the rest of the world, ironically this black money belongs to the Indian Politicians, Businessmen and corrupt Indian bureaucracy? Sadly, when money or gold is hoarded in Switzerland, only the Swiss people are benefited, the people of India are at loss, since the money is taken out of circulation in India, the wealth cannot be used productively and recycled. Its a matter of shame, when the entire nation is at a loss. It is shocking to my ethics that India has acquired the dubious distinction of being one of the most corrupt nations.
Bir Devinder Singh stated that if Prime Minister is true to his assertion in the CBI conclave to exhort to the CBI to catch the big fishes, than he should take the lead to bring out a white paper pertaining to the information, available with the office of the Prime Minister with regard to the corruption of the Ministers and ex Ministers of the Union Government, Governors and ex Governors, Chief Ministers and ex Chief Ministers and Ministers and ex Ministers belonging to the States, irrespective of the parties they belong to.
He added that time is ripe for India to answer this question, whether the present system of parliamentary democracy could be relied upon to deliver justice, equality, stability, good and transparent governance which we endeavoured all through the sixty years of our Independence. Whether the present system is capable of delivering corruption free governance or country should attempt to look for an alternative system of governance which could successfully reflect the aspirations of the millions of people of India.

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