Wednesday, 19 August, 2009


The Contest

1. The contest follows a unique selection criterion. The show will be similar to other such contests while there will be few additions/modifications keeping Sikh principles and tenets in mind. The contest will be initiated in different parts of India and the world. Entries will be called with advertisements in print and electronic media. APKF reserves full rights to reject or select any candidate on the basis of criteria. APKF can take a written test to scrutinize, if need arises.

2. Hierarchy of selection procedure.


nal Contests

Pre Final


Zonal contest

The criteria of selection in the zonal contest will be as follows:


There will be six rounds in total. Each round will comprise maximum of 10 marks. The total score will be marked out of 60.

1. General ability.
2. Gurmat awareness.
3. Dress sense.
4. Physique.
5. Ramp walk.
6. Stage performance.

Best Turban, Photogenic face, Best Physique, Best Performing art and Gurmat awareness awards will be awarded in each zone. These awards can be given to any participant within or apart from the Pre-finalists.

For Foreign Participants

Selected contestants (through applications) from foreign countries will be called directly for Zonal contest specially designed for them. This contest will be held two days before the Pre-Final.

Pre final show


There will be a written test before the 7 rounds of the Pre-final. These 7 rounds will be as follows:

1. Sikh traditional dress round.
2. Groom dress round.
3. Casual dress round.
4. Presentation by participants (based on their hobbies and interests).
5. Gurmat questions.
6. General ability questions.
7. Physique (Black Pant & Sleeveless Black vest)

20 candidates will make it to the final

The Grand Finale

The city of Amritsar – Blessed by the Sikh Gurus, plays host to The Grand Finale. Eminent Personalities from all walks of life - religion, Industry, film, fashion and literature etc. will be called to judge the contest. This show will also include socio-religious dramas and entertainment programs.

Final selection

The winners will be conferred the following titles.

1. Mr. Singh International.
2. Mr. Singh International 1st runners up.
3. Mr. Singh international 2nd runners up.

In addition to the above, some more titles will also be awarded

1. Gurmat Awareness awa
2. Mr. Impressive Turban.
3. Mr. Best costume. (groom dress)
4. Mr. Photogenic face.
5. Mr. Best Sikh traditional dress.
6. Mr. Best performing art.
7. Mr. Best Physique.
8. Mr. Best Behaviour.
9. Mr. Best Smile.
10. Mr. Best Eyes.
11. Mr. Popular (By Voti

Since the selections will be based on Sikh principles and tenets, needless to say, they will be just and fair. This show will be aired live to the whole World and will be a fantastic opportunity for show casing and branding. Eminent Media and Film personalities will be invited to watch this unique spectacular show.

Considering the high disposable income and lavish life style of Sikhs, this show will provide tremendous opportunities for the participants to grab plum roles in Films and the Advertising & Marketing industries.

Eligibility conditions for the contest

1. Saabat Soorat Sikh boys from all over the world.
2. Age: 18 to 30 years.
3. Married/Unmarried.
4. Educated.
5. Minimum height: 5’8”. (relaxable in exceptional cases)
6. Good appearance and Physical fitness.
7. Should have good interests and hobbies. (like martial arts, Music, reading, writing skills)
8. Knowledge of Sikh history and Sikh principles.
9. General knowledge.


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