Sunday, 2 August, 2009

Hawara's Wife, Three Others Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Hawara's Wife, Three Others Sentenced to Five Years in Prison
Panthic Weekly News Bureau
PATIALA, Punjab (KP)—This past week, a local fast track court based in Sangrur decided a crucial case that has been pending for over four years. The court ruling was delivered in the case of Bibi Balwinder Kaur and Baba Sukhdev Singh of Haryana along with two other Gursikhs alleged to have affiliations with Babbar Khalsa (India) Jathedar Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara.The court ruling earned outrage from Sikhs across Punjab, but sangat’s delayed reaction and losing interest in the case made it easier for the court to rule in favor of the Punjab Police. Initially after the arrest of Bibi Balwinder Kaur and others in this case, several Sikh organizations had taken a strong stand against the atrocities of the Punjab Police, but with thanks to the much delayed ruling, the general public of Punjab diverted its attention from this case.The court session was brief and Additional Sessions Judge Baljinder Sidhu announced the sentence. Bibi Balwinder Kaur, Baba Sukhdev Singh, Pargat Singh and Amarjeet Singh were sentenced to five years imprisonment for allegedly carrying explosives. Pargat Singh of Sujadpur and Amarjit Singh were arrested along with Bibi Balwinder Kaur from Dhuri village in Sangrur on June 19, 2005.

Balwinder Kaur married Hawara in 2005 without knowing of his background.Background
Bibi Balwinder Kaur, who originates from Dohai Village in Sangrur, Patiala had married Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara without knowing of his background. The marriage took place after Hawara escaped from the high security Burail Jail in Chandigarh.Sukhdev Singh was also arrested in relation to Hawara’s wedding. He was alleged to be an associate of Hawara who organized his wedding with Balwinder Kaur. Similarly, Pargat Singh and Amarjeet Singh were arrested as they had attended the wedding. The police also played a well-planned game of planting illegal arms in the possession of these innocent Sikhs after their arrests.
In addition, the Police had also arrested the Granthi Singh of Gurdwara Sri Nankana Sahib, Sangrur who performed the anand karaj of Balwinder Kaur and Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara. Over time, different Sikh and human rights organizations have claimed that Bibi Balwinder Kaur had been mistreated by police. She had also filed a petition seeking release from jail on the basis of not knowing that she had married a Khalistani freedom fighter.

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