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Dal Khalsa commemorates 31st anniversary
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'No compromise on Khalistan ideology'AMRITSAR: The Dal Khalsa marked its 31st anniversary on Thursday with a public proclamation that there was no question of its compromising on ‘Khalistan ideology’ and the desire of Khalsa rule was as important to the Dal Khalsa as the Hindutva was for the Hindus.
Harcharanjit Singh Dhami, president of the group after presiding over the delegate session in Amritsar, said while addressing the press conference, "under the present system, justice has been denied and our wounds were allowed to fester earlier and even in the present times”.

Pressing forth with their principled agenda of self-rule for Sikhs, he said that the ‘Sikhs were not happy in the country as they have not yet seen the much promised glow of freedom and were facing discriminations at all level in independent India’.

Earlier, members of the working committee and office bearers of the organization assembled at Akal Takht to express their "commitment to the cause of Sikh sovereignty and the re-establishment of Sarkar-e-Khalsa and performed Ardas for the well being (charhdi kala) of suspects of Vienna shootout who are under detention in Austria prison.

Commenting on the 62nd anniversary of country’s independence, the leaders made it clear that nothing short of the right of self-determination, including the right to secede, as accepted by Jawaharlal Nehru would be acceptable to the Sikh nation.

“We seek dignity and rule of law and fulfillment of all commitments –oral and written made by Indian leaders at the time of the partition”, said Dhami.

Mr Dhami who was flanked by party’s senior leaders including Satnam Singh, Dr Manjinder Singh and Kanwarpal Singh, demanded laws to curb the influx of Uttar Pradesh and Bhiari migrants into Punjab, a public inquisition into police excesses from 1984 to 1995 and stopping the flow of Punjab's rivers into non-riparian states.

To a question, Mr Dhami said the Dal Khalsa was not in politics just for the sake of getting votes. We have a nation-building responsibility”. Listing party’s priority’s he said the founders on this day 31 years ago have set out three objectives for the organization: to establish self-rule for Sikhs, to defeat the malafide designs of sects and cults that pose threat to the Guruship of Guru Granth Sahib and to oppose exploitation and persecution by the state”.
He said the struggle for justice and freedom is unstoppable. We will reach out to masses to promote greater awareness of the wrongs committed by the state and its forces with impunity.

Irked over the dilly-dallying approach of the SGPC to raise a memorial of Sikh martyrs of 1984 army operation, the Dal Khalsa hits out at the leadership of the SGPC for not ‘honouring’ its promise made on 20 Feb 2002 and putting dust in the eyes of the Sikh Sangat by shelving the project time and again.

In a another resolution the delegates criticizes the hordes of lumpen elements spreading mayhem, burning and looting public and private property in the wake of killing of self-styled Sant Rama Nand in Vienna. To commemorate the 23rd death anniversary of the Sikh stalwart, Bhai Sahib Sirdar Kapur Singh, the organization repeated its demand for the establishment of ‘Sirdar Kapur Singh Chair’ in any of the Universities of Punjab. Reminiscing the role and contribution of Sirdar Kapur Singh, they said the title of National Professor of Sikhism’ was bestowed on him by Akal Takht Sahib honouring his profound scholarship of Sikh religious thought and traditions and his clear espousal of the Sikh cause. Kanwar Pal Singh said it was a long desire of the Sikh people to get free passage to Kartarpur Sahib. But, the desire of Sikh people to have free access to their sacred religious place has not been fulfilled because of the bureaucratic wrangles and lack of will-power in country’s political leadership. The resolution demanded that citizens of both the countries be allowed to cross freely without passports and visas.

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