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Sikh Study Forum claim Sikhs have ‘moved on’ from 1984

Sikh Study Forum claim Sikhs have ‘moved on’ from 1984
By Baldev Singh Sabar
Sikh Study Forum celebrated its silver jubilee event last Sunday 12th July 2009 at Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College, Chigwell.
Sikh Study Forum was founded in 1984 following the storming of the Golden Temple by Indian authorities which raised a lot of contention amongst the community.
The aim of the Forum is to debate and dialogue on issues ofSikhism and seek a way forward. Mr. Tarsame Singh chaired the first session of the day which started with prayers and Mr. Amarjeet Singh Toor, Headmaster of the College welcomed everyone to Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College.
Mr. Baldev Singh Sabar, the Convenor of Sikh Study Forum spoke about their 25 years work and highlighted the topics they had debated on issues of mutual concern to the community.
Councillor Balvinder Kaur Saund, Chairperson of Sikh Women's Alliance thanked the Sikh Study Forum for initiating the first Sikh Women's Group in UK and for their support in organising their first Sikh Women's Conference in 2002.
The setting up of a woman's group by all male Executive was its best achievement, and worthy of congratulations. During the first session of the event, Mr. Gurinder Singh Sacha, an emminent Scholar and writer of many books, presented a paper written in English entitled 'Post 1984 Sikh Renaissance'. This paper written very ably was received well, upon which questions and contributions from the audience were debated.
The audience gave feedback that despite all the problems arising from the 1984 Operation Bluestar and the subsequent anti-Sikh killings in Delhi inNovember 1984 communal riots, the community had moved on, although they had not forgotten the suffering of families had lost loved ones, with many families wiped out altogether, and no-one held responsible thereafter by the Indian authorities. That the glass was half full, not half empty.
That post 1984 Sikh Renaissance in the world were making progressand staying on the positive 'Chardi Kala' path. Councillor Jamu, former Mayor of Barking and Dagenham impressed the importance of getting politically involved in the democracy process of the UK society, The second session of the event consisted of Peotic Symposium - Kavi Darbar which was chaired by Arvinder Singh Khalsa.
Many poets read their poems and some sang them with great emotion. The young upcoming poets and singers were encouraged and inspired to continue with their work. In conclusion, Sikh Study Forum were congratulated on reaching their silver jubilee and wished even more successin the future.

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