Monday, 20 July, 2009


New Misleading Heretic Baba from Malaysia on the Prowl (Op/Ed)
Panthic Weekly News Bureau
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (KP)—If it's not someone claiming Sikhs are Hindus, it is people like Sukhdev Sinh from Malaysia who is trying to re-invent Sikhi, repackage it, and trying to remarket it for people that don’t seem to want to follow the true path of Sikhi. This new Jatha called “SWAM” or “Sikhs With A Mission” are up to some questionable ideas and views—enough that the so called “Jathedar” needs a serious reality check from Sikh Scholars and/or the Akal Takhat itself. This so called “Jathedar” of “SWAM” goes as far as saying that the current and Eternal Guru of the Sikhs now and forever called Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji should be named his proposed name, “Sri Guru Jyot Sahib”. That being said, he also propagates that Guru Gobind Singh himself would also approve of this renaming of Shabad Guru of the Sikhs—which is not only blasphemous to say, but also a lie made up by him in order to get foolish followers to think Guru Gobind Singh would support his heretical new mix up of True Gurmat Sikhi. He also tries to undermine Panj Pyare and the Sacred Amrit Ceremony with his recently invented “jhaal ceremony” where he mocks the ceremony of Amrit Sanchaar by not only trying to take the responsibility of acting as the Panj Pyare solely by himself but also a list of things that are not part of the Amrit Ceremony. Besides claiming to be the Panj Pyare that bless Sikhs in the True Amrit Sanchaar he tries to act as the administrator of this supposed Amrit all by himself. He also gives out this supposed Amrit or “jhaal sweet water” with a ladle-like spoon. He doesn’t follow the true protocol of True Amrit by having a steel Bata and other necessary equipment for having an actual Amrit Sanchaar, with the most important element of having 5 pure Rehatvaan Sikhs that strictly follow Guru Sahib's Sacred teachings. This Sukhdev Sinh is literally watering down Guru Sahib's prescribed Strict Code of Conduct.“The ignorant person is totally blind he does not appreciate the value of the jewel.”Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib
The Sikh Faith is not a missionary religion that advocates trying to convert people to the Faith—we already have enough Sikhs that still need to convert to Gurmat based Sikhi already. Sikhi is definitely about Quality and not Quantity, in contrary to Sukhdev Sinh's heretical “Sikhi”. “SWAM” can't go around trying to convert people when their so called “jathedar" can not even properly follow Sikhi himself. First thing the Jatha should do is follow Sikhi properly before trying to convert anyone. Sikhs lead by example and don’t try to convert anyone to the faith as other missionary faiths do.Not only does Sukhdev Sinh want to try to propagate his ridiculous manmat of trying to change Sri Guru Granth Sahib's name and making his own version of Amrit, but also tries to tell his chelas that the Kirpan, Kachera, and Turban are outdated and not useful, so he also has his own rules or Conduct which he thinks a modern Baptized Sikh should follow.“Why become friends with those whom the Creator Lord Himself has misled?”Sri Guru Gobind Singh SahibThrough his blasphemous and backwards parchaar, he is misleading many Sikhs based in Malaysia and everywhere he travels, touring as some “enlightened Baba”. On his website he is attempting to fundraise by telling his followers to donate dasvand to further his agenda of trying to change Sikhi. In addition, Sukhdev has been spotted at numerious occasions indulging in unacceptable behavior with members of the opposite sex. His so-called blessing is not only unacceptable, but truly blasphemous and derogatory. A short clip recorded at Gurdwara Sahib in Butterworth, Penang is being shared here.
Malaysian Sikhs following Sri Guru Gobind Singh's True Rehat want Sukhdev Sinh to stop his manmat. They are being threatened by his foolish followers with different types of harassment and blackmail. He himself posts on his blog and website of the issues brought up in any of the debunking debates held on forums recently over the internet. Nobody opposing “SWAM” is making any false claims about his agenda, but he openly tries to spread his manmat through different flyers, personal communication, and internet websites.
Gursikhs in Malaysia as well as Sikhs from many parts of the world want him to engage in an open public and videotaped discussion with Sikh Scholars to explain what he is trying to implement on Sikh youth through his anti-Gurmat Parchaar. If he ignores and is insistent on further spreading his false teachings while claiming to be a Sikh then he should be summoned before Sri Akal Takhat Sahib for trying to change Sikhi and spreading his misleading manmat and highly mischievous preaching. “Night and day, engrossed in worldly affairs, even in his dreams, he finds no peace.”Guru Gobind Singh SahibThe teachings of the “Jathedar” of “SWAM” are better left to himself on his solo journey through doubt of Sikhi. Don’t follow false teachings preached by Sukhdev Sinh of Malaysia, ‘Jathedar” of “SWAM”.The self-willed manmukhs do not obtain the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. The false are plundered by falsehood.Sri Guru Amar Das SahibSupporting Sukhdev Sinh is not only an insult to Guru Sahib's teachings, but you also forfeit your Guru as Guide and Boat to get across the worldly ocean of life. Strict Gurmat Sikhi has been permanently set forth for the strongest to obtain Guru's blessings. All the false will lose their wager on falsehood by giving their chance of understanding Guru's teachings by trading the mind's jewels for mere worldly glass.
”The jewel of human life is passing away uselessly, lost in exchange for mere glass.”Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

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