Thursday, 16 July, 2009

Immortal Productions Releases ‘Chaurasi 84′

Immortal Productions Releases ‘Chaurasi 84′
UK: In remembrance of the attacks on the Golden Temple in 1984, that have often been called a Sikh Holocaust, Immortal Productions have released “Chaurasi 84.” The album gives a detailed account of the events that occurred during what many refer to as a genocide of the Sikh people.
The music of the album is dedicated to the bloodshed that occurred during the attacks of what is known as Operation Blue Star and its aftermath. The Operation was ordered by the prime minister during that time, Indira Gandhi, in order to stop Sikhs from holding weapons in the Golden Temple. Indira Gandhi’s decision to start a military operation on a holy place of Sikh prayer caused uproar within the Sikh Community and much tension arose. The results were very brutal on both ends and have caused hostility that exists to this day.
The album opens with a request for the listener not to dance to the music but instead, respect it and learn from the message that it brings. “Chaurasi 84″ has a classic Punjabi feel to it and features traditional Punjabi instruments, such as the Dhad, Sarangi and Kaveeshar; yet there is however, a modern edge to it as well as more contemporary studio effects are used. The compilation of the album includes the works of, producers, Tiger Style, Money Spinner, and many more well known names in the Punjabi Music Industry.

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