Thursday, 23 July, 2009

Dal Khalsa opposes selection of Syed Ali Shah Geelani

Dal Khalsa opposes selection of Syed Ali Shah Geelani
The Dal Khalsa- a Sikh political group today slammed J&K Government for booking veteran pro-freedom leader and chairman of APHC (G), Syed Ali Shah Geelani, under the Public Safety Act on Monday. In a statement released from party’s head office, the Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said the arrest of Mr Geelani on the pretext that he has been calling “frequent strikes and protest marches” was unconstitutional and undemocratic. Contesting the charges leveled against Mr Geelani in the so-called dossier DMS/PSA/27/2009 presented by the state government, he said it were frivolous and ridiculous. Taking a dig at the administration, he said the aged and ailing leader has been released by the court four times during the past 40 days but was detained by police every time, coming up with lame excuses. “The police that considered itself as a law unto them had thrown all ethics and norms to winds vis-à-vis dealing with those who are striving for right to self determination for Kashmiris through non-violent means”, he added.
He deplored the mindset of the powers-that-be for suppressing the non-violent movement of Kashmir with brutal means and draconian laws. He said it’s ironic that whenever the people of Kashmir were forced to come on streets to protest against human rights violations they get batons, detentions and bullets. Strongly criticizing the police crackdown on pro-freedom leaders including Mr Geelani, Yasin Malik, Mirwaiz Omar, Shabir Shah, he said the government of Jammu and Kashmir was squarely responsible for mishandling the Shopian incident involving the rape and death of two young women. He alleged that minority communities have been facing the Indian bayonet throughout the period of Indian independence. The police, the para-military and the military have been extensively (mis)used against all ethnic and religious minorities at various times, he rued. “We all have been governed by a set of laws which cannot stand scrutiny under norms of criminal jurisprudence, the provisions of the Indian constitution or the standards set by the UN Protocol on Civil and Political Rights. The impunity enjoyed by the security forces in Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland and Punjab has emboldened them beyond control”. It is not out to place to mention that groups seeking right to self determination from Kashmir, Punjab and Nagaland has constituted a co-ordination committee under the chairmanship of Justice (retd) Ajit Singh Bains in Delhi on March 23 last year.

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