Monday, 22 June, 2009

UK Ravidas Sect Attempts to Create Hate Crimes Amongst Sikhs

Placards demanding a ban on the Kirpan, an article of the Sikh faith
LONDON, UK (KP)—Traditionally people belonging to the "Guru Ravidas Community" were originally firm followers and members of the Sikh Panth. Eventually anti- Sikh elements outside and within Sikh Gurdwaras try to single these people from the Sikh panth through the Hindu driven caste system. Their intentions were to take these people farther from the Sikh fold or closer to Hinduvata. According to such mischievous characters a casteless Sikhi was a threat to Hindu nationalism. Eventually they encouraged people of a certain "caste" to start creating caste based Gurdwaras. Even after creating caste based Gurdwars the people still cherished ideals and practiced Sikh concepts staying firm in their respect for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Hence, anti- Sikh elements try to create a further gap from practicing Sikh principles by interesting concepts like Idol worship, believing in caste, putting Tilak on Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jis Ang,etc. Most recently anti-Sikh elements have created a greater distance between these people from the Sikh fold by orchestrating a murder of the community's leader in which they have used Sikhs as a scapegoat for this heinous crime. This has further created animosity for the Sikh faith and its principles thus putting them closer and closer to the Hindu fold in which they are now known to be part of the Dalit ( scheduled caste) instead of belonging to the caste less race of princely Lions and Princess's.Recently the community held a protest in which signs were displayed to prevent the wearing of Kirpans within the U.K.. The holy Kirpan which is an article of faith plays a great role in Sikh Traditions and principles. By asking the UK to ban this sacred sword the Ravidas community has further distanced itself from the Sikh fold and has further fell deeper in the trap of mischievous anti-Sikh elements (Hindu Nationalist). During the protest the group demonstrated their further desire to break away from the Sikh fold and merge into the Hindu fold by calling for a "separate granth" during the speech.Last week on 14th June a protest was held in Central London by the followers of the Dera Sach Khand organization. Though the protest was rumored to be based on the killing of their leader, the protest was actually planned to create negative stereotypes of the Sikh community amongst the British population. Approximately 2,500 people from across the UK and France formed to create animosity for the Sikh community. During the protest a group of eight Singhs decided to inform the group that Sikhs were not responsible for the killing and peaceful dialogue and communication was needed to address this issue. Despite the peace attempts by these Sikhs, a mob of protesters violently manhandled the young peaceful Sikhs. Even though these young Sikhs were met with an outnumbered force they still attempted to peacefully pass out leaflets despite being victims to intimidating aggression. Due to the erroneous information propagated by the Dera Sach Khand Organization the policed sided with the violent group and dragged the Singhs from the protest and warned them not to solicit any educational information.During the protest, protesters belonging to more than 20 Guru Ravidas Sabha Gurdwaras in UK submitted a memorandum to the Indian High Commission asking justice, equality and abolition of caste-based system. In addition to the memorandum the group raised up contradictory and illegal signs as a plan to stir up racial hate directed towards the Sikh community. Some signs read " Hang the Murderers" and "Terrorists Should be Hanged". These depictions were inciting religious hatred because Sikhs are regarded as a race within the UK . After seeing such signs the general public are going to be under the impression that Sikhs are a race of terrorist who innocently kill people. By displaying signs of racial hatred the Ravidas Community has committed acts against British Law. They should be held accountable in a court of British law.One sign read "A great Sant Ramanand killed by control Freak Sikhs". There has been no substantial evidence which indicate Sikhs have committed the murder, there has only been anti Sikh elements who have propagated the culprits as Sikhs. Furthermore, the Sikh community has condemned these acts. There was another sign that read "We Condemn Extremism/Terrorism." Yet it was followers of this group who acted violently in parts of Punjab and Haryana when they found out their leader was murdered. During these riots Sikhs were attacked by terrorist and hateful signs were displayed similar to the ones in London.Another sign read "We Demand Freedom of Speech". Yet when a group of young peaceful Sikhs were exercising this British right they were manhandled by violent hateful protesters How can a group ask for the right and yet deny another group from practicing this right? Other signs read "We Want Equality" and "No to Casteism". However it is the group who has constructed caste based Gurdwaras which have further propagated the caste system within a democratic U.K.. In addition it has been the groups submission to Hindu Ideology that has further made them as "lesser" human beings amongst their Hindu comrades.The most controversial sign was one that read "We Demand Total Ban on these Weapons", the sign had a picture of a Sri Sahib. Members of the Ravidas are already informed that the Sikhs in the UK are facing a gigantic case about the wearing of Sri Sahib. This protest amongst other things has been an attempt to portray the Sri Sahib in a negative light. The Hindu influenced cult is trying to say Sikh plus Kirpan equals terrorism/violence. If Sikhs are as violent as the Ravidas group proclaim then why didn't the young Sikhs confront the angry mob with their Kirpans? Kirpan has always been a weapon of merciful defense. To help the poor and vulnerable. From the beginning of Anglo - Sikh relations the British have always recognized this sacred article of faith.Is is ashamed the posterity of people who once adorned the Sri Sahib are now creating negative stereotypes about the weapon which allowed their ancestors to walk proudly knowing that they are the equal sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. If Sikhs did not bear weapons to defend the right of religion and practices from Islamic fundamentalism would Bhagat Ravidas Jis Bani which Ravidas community adore exist today? Yet these people are quick to condemn the article which has preserved the bani of a true Bhagat/Saint. This is a true killing of a saint to twist his philosophy and life to please Hindu nationalist..

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